Take an Air Balloon Flight over Manhatten
I took this picture flying over New York City
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Tom"The Balloon Man"
New York City
Hot Air Balloon Ride
We did it. My friend Ron and I found the perfect day to do the thing that we always wanted to do.
Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride over New York City.
Our journey started by taking us over the bay at Sandy Hook NJ and up the coast of Staten Island NY. The people below were yelling with excitement as we floated overhead. Passing by the Verizano Bridge and entered the shipping harbor, we waived to the people on the Staten Island Ferry and other boats and ships down below. Still getting closer to the city, our flight path was taking us directly in front of the Statue of Liberty and strait up the Hudson River.
Balloon Rides in New Jersey
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While waiving back at Lady Liberty, it was then we realized that what we hoped and planned for would come true. A flight directly over the Island of Manhattan.
We continued to fly up the Hudson River at a relatively low altitude until the wind shifted, moving us directly into the City. This gave us no choice but to climb up over the buildings of Manhattan. Once we leveled off at about two thousand feet, slowly drifting across the City, I had time to look down on the magnificent sights below. So much was happening right below our feet, in the most exciting place on the planet to live !
Looking past the city, for a place to land, it was clear that up ahead the landing spots were rather sparse. In fact we would cross over the LaGuardia Airport and enter it's controlled airspace. This is ok, since we had clearance to pass over. However, it does get a little busy around airports like that. Taking a multiple of things in consideration, we decided to take the perfect landing spot that happened to be directly below us, Central Park ! After informing flight control of our decision to attempt landing at the park, we prepared for landing. Descending lower and lower, our approach was right on target, an empty baseball field on the North end of Central Park. It was a standard routine landing. 
Upon touchdown we were greeted by a number of the inhabitants of the city, followed by a visit by many of New York's Finest. After questioning and a thorough FBI background check, all involved realized that we were no a threat to the city. This was a good thing because we did not have to spend the night in the luxurious accommodations that were currently provided to us.
After looking back on this flight, i wouldn't change a thing, it was a perfect experience. One that will always be part of me. I would like to show you some of the shots I Captured along the way, and perhaps, you too would like to take an  Air Balloon  Ride over New York City with me.
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