A-Lot-A Hot Air Balloon Rides in Frenchtown New Jersey
Questions ? 
many air balloon fly over the Hunterdon County beauty every day
Hot Air Balloons will fly at sunrise or about 2 hours before sunset. These two flight windows provide the lightest winds of the day.
What Time of Day Do Balloons Fly ?
We fly all year-round. One of my favorite times to fly is after a fresh snow fall.
Do Balloons Fly in the Snow ?
your balloon flight will be approximately one hour in the air time, with the entire event lasting about three hours.
How Long is the Flight ?
Where Do We Fly ?
How HIgh Do We Fly ?
Typically we will reach an altitude of 500 to 1500 feet above the ground with an average distance traveled of 4 to 8 miles from the launch point.
You can expect to see the beautiful rolling hills of Hunterdon County New Jersey. Lots of trees, farm lands, lakes and many ponds. See what others have seen, visit my "Gallery of Flights".

Dress appropriate for the weather conditions outside when you leave for your flight. Long pants and closed toes shoes are a must.
           When Do I Pay ?
Master Card, VISA, American Express and Discover accepted. We will take a credit card number to schedule your flight date. You will not be charged until you fly.
          Can I Give a GIFT ?
We will personalize your gift certificate for any occasion. A gift certificate is pre paid so all the recipient needs to do is call to schedule their flight.
          Can I Cancell My Flight ?
72 hours "notice of cancellation" is required if you cancel your flight for any reason. As you know, the weather can be completely different from what has been forecasted. It can even change from hour to hour. With this in mind, your pilot will make the "fly-no fly" decision on the day of your flight after acquiring up to the minute weather conditions. If your pilot "cancels" your flight, we will reschedule to the next flight date that is available for both of us. If upon your flight being cancelled by your pilot you decide not to book another flight date, there will be no cost to you. There will be no charge until you have completed your flight.
           How Does Weather Effect Balloons ?
Balloons are weather sensitive. The ideal conditions for ballooning are no precipitation and wind of less than 10 mph. All passengers will call in the day of their flight for a "weather check". At that point your pilot will determine the suitability of the weather conditions for your scheduled flight. If your pilot cancels you may reschedule at that time and there is no charge to you.
           What is the Purpose of the Contract of Responsibilty ?
As with most outdoor sports, you will be asked to sign a waiver. The main purpose of this Contract of Responsibilty is to serve as a flight briefing and inform you of potential dangers that you may encounter before, during, and after your flight. It will also state your responsibilities as a passenger and/or ground observer to ensure the safety of yourself and others.
What Will I see ?
What Should I wear ?
We lift off in the Clinton NJ area flying over lovely Hunterdon County . On occasion the wind will take us over the Delaware River  into  Pennsylvania.
Balloon Rides in New Jersey
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