air balloon flight in the garden state
just after landing with smiles and lots of awesome pictures
I took this shot over a remote pond during a fall foalage flight. the colors are real
my son Rob on the right and me
three girls on a birthday adventure
balloons come in different colors and designs
over the Delaware River. the log is on an old bridge support and got there during a flood which placed it up upon the structure
this is an incredable photo of the low level fog upon lift off at sunrise. you gotta see this to believe it
this mom and dad brought the whole family to fly in my balloon
me taking off over a pond. no one got wet !
flying with mom
two friends havin fun
a couple on an anniversary flight. me on the right
they are sitll in love
winter air balloon flight over Spruce Run Park. See the water frozen solid !
Air Balloon Ride New Jersey
this image took my breath away ! When I see sights like this from my balloon, I thank GOD I live on this plannet in NJ.
father and son
photo of me piloting and still having fun after more than twenty years !
church steeple in the morning
boyfriend and girlfriend
check out he fog. On the ground it's foggy, but in the air the sun is shinning and the sky is blue
this girl is with her mom for a air balloon flight
a family up for fun
looking down on the Delaware River
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